E-Fence Service / Repair

Keep Up With Hidden Pet Fence Repairs to Keep Your Pup Safe

We can repair any underground fence in Stormville, NY and The Hudson Valley area

Severe weather and construction work can disturb the underground wiring in a hidden fence system, which can sever the connection. You don't want to discover you need hidden pet fence repairs after your pup escapes. The team at Dog Fence Pro in Stormville, NY can check for breaks in your system, then recommend the pet fence services needed to solve the issue.

For example, we can provide...

  • Partial reinstallation services to re-establish boundaries, like keeping your pup out of your vegetable garden
  • Rewiring services to re-cover your yard, which is more affordable than locating and repairing individual wire breaks
  • Relocation services to move your fence to a new location, such as your new home
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Move your fence to your new home

Move your fence to your new home

Dogs can feel disoriented after moving to a new home, but maintaining routines like playing in the yard can help them get acclimated. As part of our hidden pet fence repair services, we can...

  • Relocate your fence anywhere in the Stormville, NY area
  • Rewire your yard to contain your pup
  • Show you how to use your system
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