Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden fences are electronic pet containment systems. These effective systems create an electronic boundary around the perimeter of your yard to keep your dog safely within the area you determine.

Wire is installed as a complete loop around the perimeter of the yard. The transmitter, or control panel, is placed in a convenient location such as the garage or basement. The transmitter then emits a signal through the wire in the yard. This signal is then picked by a small receiver on your pets collar. The receiver then emits an audible warning or a gentle static correction which is customized to fit your pet’s temperament, personality and breed.

The stimulation your dog feels is totally harmless, but it is unpleasant so your dog avoids it. You can choose the stimulation setting to suit your dog based on his or her personality, breed, disposition and size. After just a few training sessions, most dogs adhere to the warning tone and rarely experience the stimulus.

The boundary created by a “buried wire” system can be customized to keep your dog away from areas such as gardens, pools, and driveways.

No. We use the latest technology to install the wire 4-5 inches deep.  This can be adjusted according to the terrain.

Yes. Each individual sprinkler head is carefully marked and located before any installing begins.

There are different methods depending on what type driveway/sidewalk (Brick pavers, cement, asphalt, gravel). We will determine the best method to suit your situation.

Call and request a service appointment. We will do a thorough evaluation of your entire invisible pet fence including test your pets collar at the invisible boundary, testing any of your indoor units, and making any repairs to the underground fence that are necessary.

Yes. Bring your transmitter and collar with you to your new home and contact us to install new boundary wire, flag your property and re-train your pet(s) to their new boundaries.

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